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Shelley offers a range of workshops on a freelance basis covering all aspects of design, stitch, drawing, sketchbooks and mixed media work.  These can be one day, weekend or up to five days. Workshops can be tailored to your groups' particular needs. Please email [email protected] if you would like further information.

 w o r k s h o p s

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Occasionally she teaches workshops from her studio near Burton in Kendal [maximum 8 students].  


Details of the next workshops are below. Email first to see if there are spaces then a booking form will be sent to you.


They can fill up quickly, so if you would like to be on her mailing list to recieve advance information please contact her with your details at

[email protected]



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 l e c t u r e s

Shelley can come to your group to give one of the following illustrated talks, which will include her bringing a selection of her work and sketchbooks. For further details email her at [email protected]


'creative journeys'                             'travels  with a sketchbook                  'concept to completion'

w o r k s h o p s

I aim to present inspiration, suggestions and options rather than a workshop that is set in stone with a predetermined outcome. I always encourage my students to explore, experiment and find their own personal way of working.


Most of these workshops work better as 2 day/weekend workshops. Some can be adapted and simplified to run as a day class and some of them can be expanded or combined to make a 4 or 5 day workshop.


Sketchbook Explorations

This exploratory workshop encourages many different approaches to working in sketchbooks. Working from your chosen design source you will thoroughly explore a theme as you manipulate and alter pages and images, layering and re-working to create a very tactile sketchbook.


Ori-Kami – fold, layer and reveal

Inspired by Japanese paper folding you will create a series of marks, drawings and prints on light weight paper and fabric. These will be layered, folded and stitched, inspired by origami techniques.  


Mottainai – too good to waste

The Japanese term Mottainai, conveys a sense of regret concerning waste.

Using remnants from previous projects combined with pre-used fabrics you will create a new cloth. This will be pieced, patched and layered. Japanese Boro will be referred to as a further source of inspiration


Mark, Manipulate, Make

Inspired by a collection of found objects you will explore the calligraphic and gestural mark using your own set of handmade drawing tools.  Multiples, repetition and changes of scale will be explored.


One Thing Leads to Another

Create a sketchbook where one ‘page’ links to the next.  Inspired by miniscule detail, you will be drawing, mark making, layering, reworking and stitching, to create a tactile, book of experimental drawing and mark making.  


Tools, Text, Texture

You will make your own set of drawing tools using natural and man-made materials. These can be beautiful objects in their own right. They will be used to create a series of marks, textures as well as gestural writing. You will work on a variety of weights of paper and fabric which will be combined into a book format or constructed in some other way.


Not Quite Kantha

This workshop takes inspiration from Kantha quilting, but you will be pushing the boundaries by working in an experimental and contemporary way.


Think inside the Box

Drawing, mark making, printing and creating 3-D forms. Taking inspiration from a personal collection, some of which may be incorporated within the final assemblage.


Scratching the Surface

You will be altering your own photographs by scratching, manipulating, painting, stitching, tearing and joining to create a new series of images

Just OneThing

You will use just one object as your source of inspiration for the workshop. This will inspire drawing, collage, mark making, print, stitch and asemic writing. This could lead to a series of samples or a more resolved piece of mixed media work.


Edge to Edge

You will be considering edges, connections and methods of joining whilst working in paper and fabric.


From One Place to Another

You will be recording a walk or journey. Marks, symbols and text as well as drawings, prints and stitch will be incorporated and layered to produce mixed media work.


Beyond Repair?

There is something very beautiful and fragile about distressed, worn, patched textiles.  You will distress, tear and create holes, marks and stain a variety of fabric and paper. Then you will start to piece, patch and repair a combination of fabric and paper by using both traditional and inventive methods and materials



Shelley can run these workshops for your group, either in her studio, or she will travel to your venue.

For further details about workshop content, fees and availability contact her at [email protected]





W o r k s h o p    a t   H i l d e r s t o n e   S t u d i o 


2 day workshop 3/4th July and  17/18thJuly 2019   FULL

both workshops are now full. if you are interested in joining this workshop in 2020 email me and if there is enough interest I will run it again.  Alternatively if you would like to get together a group of 8 participants to come to my studio contact me at       [email protected]


S k e t c h b o o k   E x pl o r a t i o n s

This workshop will help you to develop new approaches to working in sketchbooks. Working with your own chosen theme you will explore drawing, print, collage, mark-making, asemic writing and design in an innovative way. You will experiment and discover how different media work together when layered and re-worked on different papers and collaged surfaces. Found object will be incorporated, along with labels, pockets, flaps and folds. Arrangement, presentation and composition will all be considered.  Pages will be torn, chopped up, rearranged and reassembled to create a visually exciting, tactile sketchbook. Emphasis will be place on daring to take a chance and see what happens!




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