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Shelley is the featured artist in the March/April 2015 edition of Somerset Studio Magazine.


The magazine is published in the USA and explores the art of paper and mixed media.


A lot of images and a detailed description of her working practice is presented over fourteen pages.

A practical and inspirational guide to help embroiderers and textile artists tomake the most of sketchbooks to inform their creative work.


The artist’s sketchbook offers an exciting platform to explore a host of mixedmedia techniques. Using a combination of paper, textiles, found objects, pencil, ink and paint, I show how a sketchbook can act as an illustrated diary, a visual catalogue of a journey or experience or as a starting point for more developed work.


Whether out on location or in the studio, every stage of the creative process is explored, from initial inspiration to overcoming the fear of a blank page,manipulating paper and images and incorporating ‘found’ objects to build a sketch book that is both beautiful and inspiring. Sketchbook Explorations is the ideal companion for everyone from the beginner to the more experienced artist looking for exciting techniques to expand their repertoire in mixed media.


Publicaction date is 6th September 2018, but it can be

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 s k e t c h b o o k   e x p l o r a t i o n s   -    f o r   m i x e d   m e d i a   a n d   t e x t i l e   a r t i s t s

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Shelley's work is the featured in 'Artistry in Fibre' book, pulblished in  2017 by Schiffer Publishing


There are three books in the series, 'Wall Art', 'Sculpture' and 'Wearable Art'.


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